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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And the Birthday Continues...

Saturday night, David took me out for a birthday dinner at a surprise location: The Green Table, inside Chelsea Market.

Surprisingly, I'd never been to Chelsea Market after all these years and with every turn, I was in anticipation of where our final destination would be. We arrived at a quaint, little eatery that looked warm and inviting; I commented, in fact, that it looked like it'd be a nice place to work.

local artisanal cheese plate

After ordering two glasses of Tiamo, organic prosecco, we decided upon sharing the local artisanal cheese plate. Upon the board: port-poached figs, local honey, chef's selection of cheeses and Amy's bread, on the side. The softest, camembert, was the creamiest and "funkiest" camembert that either David or I had ever had. And the local honey was the most "organic" I'd ever had--it seemed "very unfiltered" and natural. I don't know what pollen would taste like, but I imagine it'd taste something like this honey did.

beef bourguignon pot pie, mac & cheese, marinated and warmed olives

For our main course, we decided upon beef bourguignon pot pie (David said they come highly recommended), mac & cheese and warmed and marinated olives. I normally never order "mac & cheese" at any restaurant, but since I'd gotten hooked on Cookshop's, I've been craving it much more ever since...


Our pot pie was quite comforting with its big, meaty pieces of beef as was the mac & cheese with its crunchy, crusty topping. But for me, the highlight of the main course was the unassuming olives! Marinated and warmed (and very fresh-tasting), I never would have known olives could taste so good--"I feel like I'm in Jerusalem!" Following the main course, David suggested we skip dessert--"We have an appointment at 10:40." Thus, he collected the check and led us north to the 34th Street Loews Theater.

"the best in the world" --Katherine Hepburn

Once settled into our seats, David pulled out from his bag a surprise box of chocolates from Mondel--my favorite chocolate store!

a surprise worth waiting for

Nestled within the ribbon-wrapped box were my favorite dark chocolate-covered green marzipan with coconut flakes, dark chocolate champagne truffles and milk chocolate espresso truffles! The chocolates barely lasted through 'act one,' but I'll say it once more: it was my best birthday yet.
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