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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cookies, Chips & (Giant) Cupcakes

salty black-and-white sesame cocktail cookies
photo: Food & Wine
Last night, I did end up going to the Born In NYC pop up shop which featured sweet and sweet-savory cookies by Dorie Greenspan paired with champagne provided by Piper-Heidsieck. Arriving at just past 6:30, there was already a small crowd hovering near the CookieBar table; I had to wait a few minutes before I could even take a peek at the selections.

Planning on enjoying the more savory cookies as dinner, I purchased a sleeve of (miniature) salty black-and-white sesame cocktail cookies (which I'd recently dog eared in the November issue of Food & Wine). The shortbread-style cookies were not as salty or as savory as I had wished for, but nonetheless, I had no problem finishing the entire $10 sleeve in matter of minutes. I was also offered a glass a cup of champagne to go along with the miniature treats--"meant to go along with champagne and wine." Next, it was time for "dessert," for which I'd selected a blondie cookie per a seller's recommendation. Dorie noted aloud, "He's a repeat customer," and picked for me the thickest cookie. I shared it with my friend, Hiroko. It was deliciously scrumptious!

STILL hankering for something sparkling, I took Hiroko around the corner to 10 Downing for 'a glass of wine.'

duck-fat sage fries at 10 Downing

I sat to a glass of Charles de Fère, French sparkling ($12), while Hiroko ordered a chardonnay. While awaiting her selection, she pointed out that in French Women Don't Get Fat (my bible on degustation), Mireille Guiliano says to not drink wine without food. True--but we had just eaten cookies. Nonetheless, we placed an order for duck fat sage fries ($6), to share. 

In cad-like behavior, I sprung for the single leaf of fried sage. (I'm mad about it!) And there were also delectable slices of fried garlic scattered throughout. As for the fries, they were an instant knockout! You could certainly taste that they were fried in duck fat (there'd be no fooling of any vegetarians) and eating the fries, along with my sparkling wine, made for an ultra-luxe experience. (dinner at 10 Downing must be amazing) Although at the start, Hiroko and I were amongst just a handful of imbibers at the bar, by the end, I felt we were obstructing in prime real estate. Our bartender was kind enough to pour my last glass of wine on the house, so I returned the favor by quickly closing out our tab and vacating our seats.

HEADING east toward the Broadway Local, we passed Pasticerria Bruno (on Laguardia Place) at where Hiroko had asked if I wouldn't mind stopping in. Pasticerria Bruno is where (nearly) everything is BIG.

huge macarons

massive meringue cookies

and enormous cupcakes!

Even what wasn't oversized was still quite decadent...

nearly enough frosting for a "cup cake cake"

Even though Hiroko left Paticceria Bruno with a smorgasbord of sweets, I left empty-handed. But now, if I'm ever craving a sandwich-sized macaron... I'll know where to go!
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