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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a Snobby Maître d'!

Tuesday afternoon, during my lunch break, I was browsing a copy of The Tasting Panel when I came across a short, yet wonderful article by Merril Shindler, expounding his "dress for dinner" manifesto...

Mr. Shindler tells it like it is in the
April issue of The Tasting Panel
Back then, if you showed up at a restaurant lacking tie and jacket, you were either turned away, or offered an outfit from a closet filled with clothing that made you look like Bozo the Clown on his night off... If you were short, you were given a jacket that was extra long. If you were tall, the jacket was extra short... The humiliation usually worked; you didn’t show up poorly dressed again.

Shindler's final recommendation: "go into your closet, take out a clean white shirt, knot a tie, slip on a jacket. Then, go out to dinner. You’ll be amazed by how empowered you feel."

Then we'll just have to work on placing your napkin in your lap as you sit down and holding your champagne flute by its stemThen I can stop grinding my teeth while I watch you eat...
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