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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Special Offer from our friends at PJ Wine

Great news! From June 28th - July 3rd take an additional 5% off on case purchases (i.e. 15%).

This discount is for web orders only and is applicable to non-sale items only (items that end in a "9" not a "7").

Can not be combined with other promotions, including our Groupon offer. Enjoy!

You may also want to check out PJ Wine's latest addition: Weingut Spaetrot Reserve, 2008. ($13.97)

File this under "a wine to show your social network just how much you know about wine."

Spaetrot (spat rot?) is the grape, but most Austrians call it Zierfandler. But since this particular wine comes from Gumpoldskirchen--a small winemaking village known for their stellar Zierfandler, er, Spaetrot--the locals have given it their own name. To add to matters, the wine is blended with another varietal called Rotgipfler and the producers of this diabolical vino--Johannes and Johanna Gebeshuber--have named their winery after the grape and themselves (Weingut Spaetrot-Gebeshuber).

The Spaetrot-Gebeshuber estate boasts over 300 hundred years of winemaking on the very soils where this bottle hails from, and they seem to know what they are doing with the unique raw materials the land has provided them with.

Honey, mint, orange peel, and lemon were just some of the things we dug out of the glass while passing the bottle around the tasting room... Probably the best descriptor that emerged from this sniffing session was, "this wine has got some real white-meat fruit on it.” You know: apple flesh, pear innards and dragon fruit guts. But the crazy thing is, that's the perfect description, and Gumpoldskirchen (that town again) is the only place in the world where you can find this unique expression.


This is a dry wine, but the explosive fruit and acidity are what allow it to pair with such powerful flavors. Really, for the money, this is hard to beat for a complex, unique and downright enjoyable glass. And, if you can remember all those Austrian names--and better yet, pronounce them--we’re pretty sure you’ll be the new king of your wine-loving circle...
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