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Saturday, May 28, 2011

TRANSIT tonight at Tenri

Tonight, TRANSIT presents the latest installment of their (now famous) DoubleBill Series. This innovative project presents new music from around the world alongside the work of young composers from NYC, giving listeners a wide-raging experience that would otherwise incur jetlag. Tonight's program focuses on emerging composers from London and New York City and includes three world premieres!
TRANSIT DoubleBill: London / NYC
Tenri Cultural Institute
34A West 13th St
(near 6th Ave)

Tickets available at the door:
$15, 12 for students, seniors

Plus: I'll be hand selecting the wine from PJ Wine for the evening's event! Two possibilities:

Domaine Des Cassagnoles
Vin De Pays des
Côtes De Gascogne
This a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Gros Manseng (the indigenous grape of the region), and it is smack your lips good. Don't even bother thinking about fruit or weight, it's just clean, crisp goodness. Tart like a lemon without the bite, clear like spring water without the chalky minerals---this is the perfect summer wine. When it's a thousand degrees outside, you will not want anything but. It's better than the ice-cream truck...at least for adults.

Domaine Des Cassagnoles
Reserve Selection
Cuvée Gros Manseng
This is a wake-up call for your taste buds. It's got bite; it's got vibrancy, but with a little more depth and character than its sister wine (the Vin de Pays). Think sunshine in a bottle mixed with a dash of herbs and honey. This is a pure refresher. Perfect on those convection-oven days when you want to sit outside and enjoy some goat-cheese and olives, but need to keep the heat at bay.
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