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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Midtown Sundae

While shopping in midtown last Sunday for a few gifts for the folks (whom I'm visiting later today) I picked up a couple of things (I had to buy something for myself too!) that just so happened to give me the idea for a fun little Sunday night treat I like to call: my "midtown sundae."

First: popcorn for Ma plus a reusable beverage cup from The Plaza

The next stop was at Bloomingdale's where I happened upon the best little edible things they sell:

dark chocolate-covered candy sticks!

Once home, I took a few of the sticks and roughly crushed and tossed them with a dash or two of fleur de sel. I then sprinkled the mixture atop a scoop or two of Häagen-Dazs all natural vanilla ice cream and used another stick, broken in half, as garnish. Finally, I threw a small handful of smoked sea salt popcorn on top.

by no means a masterpiece, but by all means tasty...

I'm sure those of you out there that are real cooks could come up with better variations of my own "midtown sundae." What's your favorite ice cream concoction?
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