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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yet Another Sunday Brunch

It seems that my regular schedule at my new job includes Fridays and Sundays off; I'm all for that.

After meeting an out of town friend for an early a. m. latte at Café Lalo (they have a terrific champagne list) before flying home to East Lansing, Michigan, I returned home to prepare myself a Sunday brunch, for one. (David's in Europe for a music competition and recital) Before David left town last week, we both went grocery shopping because he knows that if left to my own devices, I'll eat out three times a day until he returns home.

ON my way home I decided to stop at Heights Wine & Spirits--one liquor store in the neighborhood which I had yet to try. Upon entering, I was immediately impressed: a nice selection and a few "rare to find" bottles. (there was even an organic Marquis de Gelida) I selected a bottle of Segura Vuidas brut cava to make mango mimosas with.

Arriving home, I went to washing scallions and haricots verts and came up with the menu as I went. The first two courses consisted of: a scallion omelette, with a crushed Ritz cracker crust and haricots verts in brown butter (and garlic).

My Sunday Brunch

I decided to prepare the haricots verts first, tossing them in butter, garlic powder and fleur de sel, while I beat eggs with some milk for the omelette. Considering I don't consider myself a cook, the omelette came out much better than I'd expected.

Simple Scallion Omelette
Ingredients: 3-4 eggs
Small bunch of scallions
Milk for fluffing
Handful of Ritz style crackers
Garlic powder and sea salt
Olive oil

  • Wash and chop about half (or more) of a small bunch of scallions
  • Beat three to four eggs, with some milk added (to fluff the omelette)
  • Add: chopped scallions, garlic powder and sea salt, to taste; stir
  • Pour olive oil into a large pan, enough to coat the entire bottom; allow pan to warm over medium to high heat
  • Crush about ⅓ sleeve Ritz style crackers
  • Once pan has heated: pour in the egg mixture and sprinkle the crushed crackers on top of the egg, completely covering
  • Cover and cook over medium heat until top layer appears 'firm'
  • Carefully flip omelette, allow to cook for an additional one to two minutes before turning off flame; may leave covered, in pan, until ready to serve
  • Slice into quarters and season with freshly ground black pepper and a dash of cajun seasoning (optional) to taste

scallion omelette with haricots verts in brown butter and garlic

The omelette was as refreshing as a cold lime citron pressé and the crushed cracker crust added substance. Once making my way through one or two mango nectar mimosas (my own variation of the mango flip) I cleared the table to make room for a (Häagen-Dazs) java chip sundae with raw oats and roasted salted cashews.

No, the sundae wasn't served on the table--David 
and I have clear dessert bowls from Ikea

The sundae was the perfect mix of textures and flavors--both hard and soft, sweet and salty. The raw oats topping is a tip I'd learned from David--which may seem a bit unusual to some--but tasting it, it makes perfect sense. I'd have to say that today's brunch surpassed my own expectations. (Cindy Bearman best hope I don't consider pursuing pastry studies!)
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