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Friday, April 8, 2011

So Long to 3 Years of Memories

Today was the last time I passed through these doors as an employee of the Prince Street eatery that I'd stayed at for so long...

I will truly miss many of my co-workers there, especially those that I worked the front door with and the rest of our FOH staff. I brought my trusty Canon S90 to work with me today to snap a few "last day photos," but (even though I was only working the reservations office) I was busier today than I had thought I would be.

The only photo I managed capture all day is this one photo of my co-maître d' who I've drank many a cava with and have eaten many an oyster... (from Lure to Blue Ribbon) But I know we'll remain in touch--she's already made plans to have brunch at my new restaurant this weekend. My only question is: who, now, will tell me "I'll scratch your eyes out!" whenever we butt heads?
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