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Monday, April 11, 2011

Brunch and the City

PPX crew
Today was the thirtieth birthday celebration for a very dear friend of mine and he decided to celebrate with a brunch at Braai--South African cuisine in Hell's Kitchen. Even though I'd previously browsed their menu online, I still couldn't come to a conclusion when our server came around to take orders. (I'd had a Stella D'oro breakfast treat that morning, plus a cup of coffee and wasn't all that hungry) I decided to go with dippy eggs, two soft boiled eggs with toast fingers.

soft boiled eggs and toast
I'd never eaten a soft boiled egg before, but I at least had a clue as to how to eat them... The bottom of each egg cup was filled with salt and pepper--each one in the other--and appropriately, my toast was cut into the perfect shapes for dipping. The "dippy eggs" were just enough and still left room for unlimited pomegranate mimosas! ($12)

Pama mimosa
Later that night, I was feeling hungry again (even though I'd already had a four cheese pizza and some sparkling at Therapy) and decided to go to Mercer Kitchen for a late night snack. I was having a meat craving and thought about ordering their tarte flambée, but unfortunately, it was taken off the menu. I instead ordered the tuna spring roll, with soybean purée.

tuna spring roll

The tuna spring roll was okay and the presentation was shoddy; but the dressing was actually quite good. To conclude my late night snack, I had a glass of cold apple cider, from the dessert menu.

apple cider at Mercer café

It was the best apple cider I'd ever tasted... thick, juicy and cinnamon-y! I also liked the fact that they offer a juice on the dessert menu; sometimes I want something sweet, but not necessarily a dessert.

After I finished reading Food & Wine, I decided it was time to call it a night and head home. It was a good Sunday...
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