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Monday, March 28, 2011

Italian... Riesling?

Cavit Italian Riesling
Last week while David was preparing dinner, he sent me out to pick up some wine. "But no [sparkling]!" At the corner liquor store I scanned the whites looking for something appropriate. I asked the shopkeeper if he could recommend a white that wasn't chardonnay (David "hates" chardonnay) and that wasn't too dry... but not as sweet as a riesling. He asked if I'd be interested in trying the Cavit riesling. ($11) Never having had it before, I was up for trying something new.

Once home, I pulled the bottle out of the bag to examine the label and became a bit concerned... The wine was from Italy. If there's one thing I learned in wine class it's that Italy is all about the reds. But upon further examination I also read: Indicazione Geographica Tipica (typical of that terrior); perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

Upon first taste: much more acid than you'd expect from a riesling and big, juicy flavorIt paired suitably with David's Asian-inspired cashew and celery dish and reading the back label confirmed: "Enjoy on its own or with sushi, spicy foods and Asian-inspired dishes." But for a "budget" riesling, I'd still prefer a bottle of Château Ste. Michelle.
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