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Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Finds Of The Week

If you've wondered what I'd been up to the past two weeks, I've (somewhat) wondered the same thing myself... I spent a good deal of it, sick, in bed. It began with a fever that stretched over about a day and a half; followed by a week of cough; then, followed by two days of severe, dry hacking cough. It wasn't until about two days ago that I'd finally began feeling myself again.

Cold night over Inwood.  If  I wasn't so sick,  I  would have opened the win -
dow, but somehow, I like the effect it gave...

However, I somehow managed to hit the town for a late lunch or two. Last week, I joined my good friend, Noy, on a hat-shopping expedition; namely, we were in search of a custom milliner that would be able to fit one of our (now former) managers for a fedora--a going away gift from the entire staff. We found a wonderful little boutique (Still Life) on Orchard Street and it was 'the perfect fit!' Our shopping expedition fulfilled, we headed northwest for some lunch; we mutually agreed on Daniel Boulud's DBGB.

I'd, for long, wanted to check out DBGB, but every time I'd thought about entering the place, it simply looked too crowded. But on a cold and early Monday afternoon, Noy and I were, literally, the only patrons in the front dining area. (we opted to dine at the bar) We began with a bottle of La Caravelle, Rosé Champagne, NV and the lobster bisque special. We, then, moved on to a tasting of several dishes: housemade foie gras torchonboudin basque, blood and pigs head sausage; beaujolaise sausage with lentils du puy (chef's recommendation); and housemade spaetzle

Of course, the foie gras was faultless as was the boudin basque; however, my favorite plate was the beaujolaise sausage with its dry-moist texture. For dessert we had the flamboyant omelette norvegienne, baked alaska for two, set aflame, table side. 

$130 later, I left DBGB cash-strapped, but without regret. According to the bartender, Noy and I "really know how to have a lunch; and I've seen plenty of lunches..."

ALSO, last week, I met up with another good friend, Danny, for an early evening snack and beverage. Being in SoHo on an errand, I told Danny to meet me at Lure, at the bar. We started with two glasses of Franciacorta, followed by oyster shooters, crispy calamari, tossed in smoked chili glaze and fried oysters with caper tartar sauce. Having had tried all their other bar snacks (minus littleneck clams and shrimp cocktail) these three are, by far, my favorite. I let Danny choose our next dining destination and he chose Pulino's, on Bowery.

I'd been to Pulino's a couple of times before and am a big fan of their thin, crispy pizza--especially the acciughe pizza with anchovies. Danny wanted to go to Pulino's for their chicken liver mousse, with bacon jam. Upon sitting, we both began with a glass of their sparkling rosé, $10. (I don't know of any other place in the city where you can get sparkling rosé for $10!) Next, we ordered the chicken liver mousse and a bianca tradizionale pizza with anchovies. (the acciughe pizza wasn't on the menu) 

The first dish to come out was the mousse, served in a small, glass jar, along with a salt cellar and lightly toasted breads. The mousse was magnificent--certainly the best chicken liver mousse I've had in Manhattan, to date! The pizza was a pleasing follow up, although I do miss the acciughe pizza which seemed to have a bit more distinction than our bianca tradizionale. Danny and I ended our meal with baba al rum, with poached pineapple and vanilla anglaise; alas, it didn't live up to my aunt's baba au rhum which no one else (I know) can beat! 

Afterward, I prudently headed uptown and homeward because, after all, I was still "sick" and didn't want to overdo my indulgences... 
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