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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'East Egg'

I just got back from a lovely and lengthy lunch at Egg in Williamsburg.
I met with my good friend Cynthia there and as per usual, we decided upon sharing several dishes. From "salads & appetizers," the first plate to garner my interest was the sample plate ($10) with deviled eggs, pickled eggs, country ham and pimento toast.

I think there were a few pickled potato slices on the plate as well.

Also from the same category was pâté & toast ($8) with chicken liver pâté, toast, onion jam, mustard and pickles.

Pâté & Toast. So good.

The warm pimento toast was wonderful, with melted pimento cheese, and the country ham was great alone, or as a topper for the pimento toast. The pickled egg was as good as you'd expect while the horesradishy deviled egg delivered just a bit more...

From the pâté & toast plate: the chicken liver pâté was deliciously buttery and the onion jam, which Cynthia and I topped our pâté-topped toast with, also delivered. As we neared the end of our first course, I finished off the plate by topping the remaining toasts with pickled onions and hot whole grain mustard. Tangy and spicy!

For our main course, Cynthia and I both selected sandwiches--she, the fried oyster sandwich with cornmeal-crusted oysters, spicy mayonnaise and lettuce, on a roll, and I, the grilled cheese sandwich with Grafton cheddar, grilled on five-grain bread, with pickled jalapeños and candied bacon (the latter three, my own choosing--they also have broiled tomatoes). Unfortunately, our sandwiches did not live up to our first course... although the grilled cheese wasn't bad, I don't recommend the oyster sandwich. Cynthia and I chatted and lingered over a, second, tasty cup of French press coffee before finally concluding our meal with: pecan pie--à la mode!

Desserts don't stand a chance around me.

The pie was a bit dry, for my own liking, and satisfied only when I scooped it up, together, with the ice cream. We nearly ran out (of ice cream), but nonetheless, still managed to finish the dessert. Waste not, want not!
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