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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small Plates on Mercer

Last night, after work, I stopped off at Lure for a late-night, post-work snack. I pulled up a barstool near the far end of the bar (my favorite, "regular," seat across from coat check was taken) while Jenny readied me with a glass of their house sparkling, Franciacorta. I pored over the menu, attempting to reach a conclusion... I did not want to order a burger (post-holiday paunch), yet there was nothing catching my eye--until I read the listings under "soups & salads."

Right away, I recognized the beet salad, which I'd considered ordering once before. I thought the beet salad, with a little bread on the side, along with my glass of Franciacorta, would be the perfect meal. (as Mireille Guiliano says, "Wine is food.") I'd finished half of my (first) glass of Franciacorta while Jeff laid my dish before me.

my 'mobile upload'

The beets tasted delicious and fresh and the two slices of goat cheese, which were sliced thinner than you'd expect, were, admirably, not the dish's main attraction. For me, however, the real highlight of the dish was the generous scattering of whole hazelnuts, which I admit to never having had before (in such an unaltered state). Equally as delicious were the soft rolls with whipped butter, which were brought out upon my request. (actually, I had asked for "some bread or toasts, on the side"; kindly, they brought both)

Another of my favorite 'small dish meals,' on Mercer Street, is at The Mercer Kitchen, right across the street from Lure. My favorite dishes at 'Mercer' often tend to be their smaller dishes: personal brick oven pizzas, a delicious sea bass carpaccio and a handful of salads that I'm also fond of. On a recent Tuesday night at Beige, I was chatting up a young fellow who'd recently dined at Mercer Kitchen. I'd asked him what he'd had there, to which he replied: black truffle pizza and shaved fennel salad. I'd told him that that was the most perfect combination at Mercer Kitchen--along with some sparkling, of course.
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