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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Gazelle Simply Wants For Christmas

I recently caught up with Gazelle and had the opportunity to ask him what all (gazelle-like) inquiring minds want to know!

GAZELLE: I really don't want anything for Christmas. I am lucky enough to have a rich life where I can experience great joy, but also, have a complicated taste, so my friends know not to take a chance in buying me anything... lol!
This week I was going uptown on the A subway line, and as I entered the train I saw this young man seated on the floor holding a guitar; his whole life, I assume, was inside a grocery cart standing next to him. He played beautifully, the song, "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" by the group Yes and it took me back to memory lane... if you really want to know what I want to for Christmas, I wish that this young man one day could have all his dreams come true, become a huge star and spread happy emotions to everyone, like he did for me in those few minutes.... and yes, I also want world peace!
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