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Sunday, December 12, 2010

(If You Don't Already Know) Gazelle

Gazelle, a.k.a. Paulo Gazelle or by a close few, "Gazzy" is a dear 'old' friend of mine whom I'd met nearly eight years ago at Cafeteria after he'd finished his first day's orientation at the (then) soon to open Crobar. Since his arrival on the New York City nightclubbing scene in the early aughts, Gazelle's made quite the name for himself with his often confusing, always striking looks. He even caught the eye of The Village Voice's Michael Musto, earlier this year, calling Gazelle a "Fashion God!"

A couple of months ago I was approached for a project, young director Cesar Elias wanted to feature me in his "character film" for the NY Film Academy, initially the plan was a 5 minute film about little crazy person here... however it has become a bigger project, and it will end next year when I do my thing at the New York Pride Parade 2011( I have been the grand finale of the Brazilian group for over ten years now). Cesar just released a short version teaser of the material he has accumulated while he and his crew follow me around in the city. It has been a fun experience...we took now a two week break. In this short piece you see scenes of me at home and in one night that I was part of a bizarre Halloween dinner also for another movie project, that Cesar was allowed to film. Crazy...

--excerpt from Gazelle's blog, Freak Chic
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