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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(Forgiving) B Bar & How to Impress Your Friends

My recent visits to B Bar have been up and down; but after tonight's visit I've at least come up with a B Bar "signature dish": Chicken Paillard ($13).

Now please, do not get me wrong. I'm never one to order a salad as my entrée; but B Bar's Chicken Paillard stands out so much more than their other dishes (that I've tried), that tonight, I decided to play it safe and order Chicken Paillard as my entrée. (plus, I was at "Beige" and didn't want to look paunchy) Along with the Chicken Paillard, I also had two glasses of their house sparkling, Pol Deau, Blanc de Blanc, NV ($11). Soon after, my good friend, Danny, met me there with a few friends he had been spending time uptown with.

Upon finally finding each other (it was an unexpectedly "good night" at Beige) and seeing Danny with a Champagne flute, I told Danny I was going the bar to order a glass of my own. I headed to the front bar (they weren't serving wine in the garden) to order a glass of Pol Deau and as the bartender was preparing my drink I asked him how much a bottle costs. $40. Clearly, (knowing I was going to order at least another glass) the natural choice was to order a bottle.

As I approached Danny (and his new friends--Danny was spending the evening with a new beau and his beau's longtime companions), his friends were instantly impressed as I'd approached them carrying a bottle of Pol Deau and a second, empty flute. (I figured it'd be too much trouble to have the bartender refill our glasses as needed; I left the bar with the bottle and the two empty flutes he'd placed upon the bar.)

As the night wore on, I was elected by Danny's friends to "lead the way" throughout B Bar and lead them to a corner banquette where we could converse more intimately... I excused myself to the washroom and upon my return, another glass of bubbly was waiting for me at my seat. I told Danny I was going to write my life story and title it The Belle Of The Ball!
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