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Monday, November 1, 2010

Root Season at the Green Market

Saturday, David and I made our way over to the Isham Street Farmers' Market, in Inwood, so he could recycle some old clothing; we also happened upon what appeared to be the beginning of root vegetable season!

I decided I had to find two things: purple potatoes and one large beet (David doesn't care for beets). We started at the last stand, which seemed to be the best for root goodies...

We saw beautiful radishes, crisp-looking carrots and white, yellow, red and purple potatoes. (they were already out of beets)

I picked out four purple potatoes, at $2.00 a pound, while David picked up a butternut squash and a head of cabbage. The lot: $6.

We sauntered over to the next stand and found Adirondak Blue potatoes, for 25¢ less than the purple ones. We also found some beets, but they were much smaller than what I was looking for. As we worked our way through the market, we also picked up honeycrisp apples (David's favorite) and fresh eggs. I also stopped at the Valley Shepherd Creamery stand and inquired about the SoHo to Long Valley bus trips, but the girl at the stand didn't have any information on the matter.

Feeling like we had completed all of our green market purchases, David suggested we share a chocolate chip cookie from the eggs stand to stave off our hunger until lunchtime. As we nibbled, I browsed through the last stand and found, at last, one large beet. $1.70.

I can't wait to enjoy it for lunch, simply boiled, sliced and sprinkled with salt. Maybe some goat cheese would be a nice touch too! On our way home, we stopped at PJ Wine, to see if we could find any bargains...

Labrusca Lini 910 and beet

Although I had found at least two wines that caught my interest, I decided upon selecting just one (for now). David had never had lambrusco before and since I had recently had a taste of it at B&B, and enjoyed it, I decided the Labrusca 'Lini 910' Lambrusco Rosso would be it. ($11.49) This week, I work six dinner shifts straight through, so I don't know when I'll get to try it; high season, in SoHo, is back.
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