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Monday, August 16, 2010

For Summer: San Pellegrino meets Missoni!

EVEN though I set my alarm for noon today, I just woke up, at 5:51 p.m. (I guess I really needed the sleep) I'd just recently returned from a two day (round) trip to Lincoln, Massachusetts for the wedding of two very dear friends of mine. It was the first 'home wedding' I'd ever been to and yet, the most beautiful. There was a strings ensemble (5 violinists, 1 cellist and 2 violists, I believe) to play all the music for the ceremony and a violin duo, later, during the reception.

Cocktail hour began with a cheese station (and a lovely honeydew soup amuse-bouche) and passed hors d'œuvre. After cocktails, we all found our seats at tables which were set ever so charmingly... (in place of cards for table numbers were green glass bottles, with the numbers painted on them)

I was seated next to the head violinist who explained to me why the first seat on the left is always reserved for the head violinist and who also wore a terrific pair of oxfords.

The first course started with a simple, yet suiting salad and for the main course, I chose off the wagon: steamed summer vegetables and a delectable baked trout in puff pastry. (which everyone raved about)

Early Sunday morning found me back on Manhattan Island after an unexpected detour: my bus caught fire. It was too late for me to go home so I instead took a leisurely stroll from Chrystie Street to Prince Street and along the way snapped a photo of a stray oyster on the sidewalk:

(I must be back in SoHo)

THAT Sunday, I worked a double; but two pilsner-sized glasses filled with iced coffee (and lots of sugar) and one pain au chocolat, somehow, managed to get me through my day. Towards the end, I noticed, on our dining room floor, a new label affixed to our Pellegrino bottles.

This limited edition bottle is the premiere issue in San Pellegrino's "Italian Talents" project in which the company teams up with quality Italian talents (artists/musicians/architects/designers/fashion designers) in a combined effort to "promote Italian talents."

Available to the On Trade category and selected retailers, the Missoni bottle hopes to appeal to both existing and new consumers and create interesting news in the bottled water category.

Instantly dazzled by the bottle, I just had to get my hands on one; I knew it was going to become a collector's piece!

Watch a terrific video about San Pellegrino's "Italian Talents" project here.
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