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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rockaway Beach (for the very first time)

So if you'd been wondering about how my Advanced Wine Essentials classes had gone, the truth is, they didn't go at all--they were cancelled, due to low enrollment.

Nearly half of the classes I'd enrolled for were cancelled and since I don't take the scheduling of my calendar lightly, I decided to scrap the idea, all together, of going forward for the "Grand Cru" certificate. To be completely honest, I've been rather annoyed with the lack of organization at ICE's Wine Studies department.

I'm instead, going to focus on enrolling in ICE's Restaurant Management course, but first, I want to make an appointment to apply for their financial aid to see what kind of assistance I can receive for the $13,000 tuition.

But, I didn't want to tie up my summer with classes anyway; in July, I'm going to visit David in Aspen, for a week, and with Advanced Wine Essentials cancelled, I've had more time for things like going to Rockaway Beach, for the very first time...

Real waves and a boardwalk in NYC, imagine that...

The only beach I'd ever been to in New York (other than Fire Island) was Jacob Riis, which actually is just a little west of Rockaway Beach. But the last few times I went there, the lifeguards weren't letting anyone in the water due to "high bacteria content." I think Rockaway Beach is easier to get to anyway (you don't have to take a bus) and you pass a supermarket on the way (you can do all your food and ice shopping moments before stepping onto the beach).

And this is the "surfers only" section. Apparently, Rockaway Beach is where all the surfers in the city go. (A plus for a certain member of my crew that day...)

After we scoped out and agreed upon a suitable spot to settle at, Cynthia wasted no time digging into the caviar spread I'd brought...

and later, enjoyed a bacon and Brie sub as well.

"Where's the bacon and Brie sub? I want to try some."

"Oh! That's in my stomach..."

Oh well, there was still wine, beer and and some hummus left (and Layke's gummybears), which turned out to be sufficient enough.

(Me, placated)
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