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Thursday, May 27, 2010

N.Y.C. Dining Memories, by Sherry Vine

I have millions of memorable dining experiences (remember, I'm a JAP and don't cook!) but the ones at the top of my list all took place at Indochine! Jean Marc Houmand, one of the owners, also owned Bar d'O where I worked for 8 years with Joey Arias and Raven O. So, Indochine has always been very good to us. I also work there every year when we do the reunion show and New Years Eve. Anyhoo--Indochine has a colorful history, the hottest staff in Manhattan and the food is scrumptious. Joey and I had dinner there recently with some friends. The evening started calmly over some champagne and appetizers--the Thai Beef Salad is heaven! By the time the main course came--trust me, get the Snapper--we were on our third bottle of wine. By the time dessert and cognac came we were feeling no pain! Always a good time at Indochine!

Sherry Vine is an actor, comedian, guitarist, singer and more or less full time drag diva! She's starred in numerous theatrical productions such as E.S.P. -Eyes of a Supermodel Psychic ("The underground hit of the season!" -NY Times), Tell-Tale at the Cherry Lane Theatre ("Almost impossible not to have a good time!" -NY Times) and The Final Feast of Lucrezia Borgia ("A serious stage diva!" - Paper Magazine). Her film roles include Scream, Teen, Scream which LA Weekly called "The best comedic performance of the year!" Catch Sherry weekly at The Sherry Vine Show, Sundays, at Barracuda or The Blonde Leading The Blonde, Thursdays, at The Ritz. Or for a virtual experience, visit Sherry at www.sherryvine.com.
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